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Even small details can make a big difference in your decor. Renew your kitchen's look with this fine kitchen cloth from Meraki. The kitchen towel is both practical and beautiful. The kitchen cloth is made of 100% cotton and has a beautiful pattern in grey / white colours It can be washed in 60 degrees and tumble dried at high heat.

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This tasteful confit with cherries and ginger form Nicolas Vahe is similar to a traditional jam, but it contains less sugar and more fruit, and it therefore has an intense flavour. We recommend that you enjoy this product with a delicious goat's cheese and strong cheeses in general. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 3 weeks.

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Display is a nice, elegant table with a rustic appeal. The table has an industrial look because of its galvanised metal counter that gives the product a new and personal twist. Decorate your kitchen with this nice table, or use it to display goods in your shop. You can also use it as a worktable as it has two different levels where you can work. The wonderful table is made from a combination of mango wood, eucalyptus wood, MDF and a galvanised metal plate. This mix gives it its cool, stylish and modern appearance.

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The mild and soft flavour of plums and walnuts come together in this beautiful jam from Nicolas Vahe. This jam with plums and walnuts is ideal for tarts or together with natural yoghurt and desserts to really bring out the wonderful flavour. Once opened: store in a cool place and consume within 3 weeks.

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The exciting black pepper mix with lemon is perfectly suited for dishes containing seafood. Enjoy the black pepper’s distinctive flavour with a twist of Nicolas Vahé in the form of a balanced taste of lemon. The flavour is ideal for chicken, pork and various homemade salads that just need a little something extra. Black pepper with lemon is also an incredibly decorative product, and it is therefore also a nice item to display in your kitchen. It is also a good hostess gift. Shelf life after opening: 16 months.

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An exclusive and luxurious granola from Nicolas Vahé. The granola is gluten-free, without added sugar and is made from the very best ingredients, which ensures the best taste experience every tame. Enjoy the flavour of raspberries, apple and macadamia nuts on top of yoghurt, with milk or as a topping on ice cream and other desserts. You can also eat it as a healthy snacks as it fuels you for the day.

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Chocolate truffles made from quality ingredients and in accordance with a classic French recipe and but with a twist of course. Enjoy Nicolas Vahé’s chocolate truffle with an intense taste of pistachip and crunch that simply melts on the tongue. Enjoy them with a good cup of coffee or tea. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping.

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Enjoy the addictive taste of the very best dark chocolate from Nicolas Vahé. These delicious chocolate truffles are an irresistible addition to any coffee or tea break. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping

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The Meraki Pure Oil is 100% organic with a gentle scent of geraniol. It consists of e.g., argan oil, that is famous for its high levels of antioxidants and Omega fatty acids. Argan oil contains up to five times as much Vitamin E as other oils. Use this multi-purpose oil as a hair treatment or body oil, for removing makeup, for shaving (use on wet skin), for dry hair and skin and as thermal protection of your hair before blowdrying. If an extra moisturizing effect is desired, mix in a few drops with your hair shampoo or body lotion. Suitable for all skin types. Store at room temperature.

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