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Lamps are important elements when you want to create a personal and cosy dÌ©cor. The beautiful Molecular lamp from House Doctor is an almost sculptural lamp that is a practical source of light while also adding that extra touch of personality to your home. The lamp consists of five brass sockets that are attached to black-coated adjustable rods. The lamp is a beautiful decoration ‰ÛÒ both turned on and off. Hang it over your dining room table, in the corner of your living room, or use it as an elegant light source in your hallway. Bulbs are not included. Dimension: w.: 68 cm, h.: 78 cm. E27, max 25 Watt, 3m wire.

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A classic, oval brush from Meraki. The brush has a nice handle in maple wood and rounded spikes that makes it easy to comb out the hair. The brush is suitable for daily care of all hair types and lengths. The beautiful wooden handle of the brush is a fine and decorative detail in the bathroom. Therefore, you can just let the brush be lying around on the bathroom table.

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The Konjac sponge is made from 100% pure, natural Konjac dietary fibre. With daily usage it will bring back the natural glow and softness of the skin. Key features: Gently exfoliates to bring back the natural glow of the skin. Effectively balances the PH of the skin. Naturally moisturizes the skin. Deep cleansing. Use: Soak the dry sponge with warm water until fully softened. Massage gently in circular motions on the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly after use. Never store the sponge in the shower, as the damp environment will affect its durability. Tip: Use the sponge with clean water or your favourite cleanser.Disinfect the sponge once a week by dipping it in boiling water for a few seconds. Be careful to let it cool off before you drain the water.Replace sponge every 2 - 3 months for the best cleansing experience.

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Cotton pads are useful for many things. Use them when you need to remove makeup or nail polish. The soft material ensures that you do not irritate the skin. The fine and soft cotton pads from Meraki comes in a nice and decorative fabric bag that you can reuse. Keep the pads with your other skin care products or take them with you when you are on the go.

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Nice unisex barbering set from Meraki. The set includes a delicious razor that gives you a comfortable, close shave. The razor has also a comfortable grip that fits comfortably in the hand. The kit comes with three removable shaving heads.

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This wonderful jam with a flavour of passion fruit and coconut is the most popular product in Nicolas Vahe's gorgeous and tasty jam family. It is loved by many, and is an essential addition to natural yoghurt, spread on toast, or as a skyr or pancake topping. Once opened: store in a cool place and consume within 3 weeks.

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Nicolas Vahe's popular and very special oils are made from 100% extra virgin olive oil with an addition of exciting spices. Enjoy this aromatic olive oil with garlic for a good piece of lamb, grilled meats, or simply to enhance the flavour of your favourite salad.

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Enjoy the delicious and delicate white pepper from Nicolas Vahé that has a strong, distinctive flavour and a light aroma. Make the most delicious sauces with white pepper, or use it in soups, potato dishes and salad dressings to add extra flavour. The fine and bright peppercorns come in a beautiful and decorative grinder, so you can display it on your dining table or in your kitchen along with other spices. Shelf life after opening: 16 months.

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These crispy snacks with potato and horseradish are crushable and can therefore be used as a topping for a salad. You can also enjoy them as an aperitif with your favourite pesto from Nicolas Vahe. Enjoy the irresistible and slightly strong flavour that comes from the horseradish.

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Enjoy Nicolas Vahe's flavoursome risotto with mushrooms. Prepare 6 starts or 4 mains in just under 15 minutes. The only thing you need is to add olive oil, cream and parmesan cheese.

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This delicious dark chocolate with a cocoa content of minimum 73% is complemented by the wonderful taste of liquorice and chilli that come together in this delightful chocolate bar. Take it with you on the go if you are craving something sweet, or share it with someone you care about. You can also use it in desserts for a new and exciting twist. Store closed in a cool and dry place. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping

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A delicious taste symphony that consists of forest fruits and crumble. These chocolate truffles melt on the tongue. The soft and sweet flavour is made from quality ingredients and is supplemented by the fresh forest fruit flavour. This makes them ideal to enjoy with a nice cup of tea or coffee. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping.

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