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Classic comb from Meraki. The comb is particularly suitable for short hair and for backcombing and styling of the hair. For example, you can use the comb to divide the hair into different sections. This beautiful comb is made of light coloured maple wood and fits Meraki's other accessories. A beautiful and practical accessory for your bathroom.

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Well-prepped feet are a must when you want to jump into your summer sandals or go to the beach. The Meraki foot file helps keep your feet looking healthy and well-prepped. The file is made from glass and can be rinsed with water after use. Size: 27.8 x 5.5 cm.

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You will undoubtedly get high praise if you do a beautiful table setting. With this sleek black knife from Nicolas Vahe, you are able to set a magnificient table. The knife is made of stainless steel, and has subsequently been covered in coating that gives it its cool, dark look. We recommend that you wash the product by hand after use.

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An exclusive and luxurious granola from Nicolas Vahé. The granola is gluten-free, without added sugar and is made from the very best ingredients, which ensures the best taste experience every tame. Enjoy the flavour of raspberries, apple and macadamia nuts on top of yoghurt, with milk or as a topping on ice cream and other desserts. You can also eat it as a healthy snacks as it fuels you for the day.

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