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A luxurious scented candle with a refreshing fragrance of white tea and ginger. The candle is made from soya been oil and is thus a 100% natural product. This gives you a clean candle that sets off less soot compared to a regular candle. The candle has a height of 10.5 cm and a burn time of 35 hours. Relax and enjoy the lovely fragrance that fills your home.

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A beautiful and functional dish brush with a dashing bamboo handle. The brush has a great grip that allows you to do the dishes without compromising on comfort.

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A classic, oval brush from Meraki. The brush has a nice handle in maple wood and rounded spikes that makes it easy to comb out the hair. The brush is suitable for daily care of all hair types and lengths. The beautiful wooden handle of the brush is a fine and decorative detail in the bathroom. Therefore, you can just let the brush be lying around on the bathroom table.

nv1035 / nv_aw16_nv1035_ps.jpg

This is addictive quality ketchup from Nicolas Vahe with soy and sesame seeds. The ketchup is made from the finest sun ripe tomatoes from Southern France that ensures you a great taste. Enjoy this exciting ketchup with fish or shellfish. It is also ideal for sushi, or as part of a homemade marinade. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 3 months.

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Put the cherry on top with these beautiful napkins from Nicolas Vahe.. The pack contains 20 paper napkins with a nice black and white checked pattern. The napkins are made from 3-ply paper, and are designed with a simple look to fit perfectly onto your beautifully set table. Use them everyday, or for special occasions when you have guests visiting. You can also bring them to a nice picnic.

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If you are a chocolate lover, it is easy to get addicted to this delicious chocolate spread. This French delicacy is made from gorgeous chocolate and creamy cocoa butter that is complemented by the most delicious hazelnut flavour. Try this spread with dark chocolate and nuts when you want to give yourself or someone you love a little treat. Try it with pancakes, ice cream, or simply on toast for breakfast. Once opened: store in a dry place in a closed container. Consume within 3 months. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping.

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Nicolas Vahe's classic black kalamon olives are an irresistible bite with an intense flavour. They can be enjoyed with good cheese, in salads, or as a great addition to a tapas dish, or just as a small snack with a nice drink before dinner. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 1 month.

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