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Kawa is a lovely lounge chair from House Doctor. The lounge chair is made of rattan and metal. Both the seat and back come in a nice, braided design that gives the chair its beautiful, natural aesthetic. The chair's fine metal legs provide a nice contrast to the natural, braided material. Use this lounge chair in a corner of your living room, or outdoors on your terrace on sunny days. Dimensions: 73x62 cm, h.: 68 cm, seat height: 28 cm

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Lamps are important elements when you want to create a personal and cosy dÌ©cor. The beautiful Molecular lamp from House Doctor is an almost sculptural lamp that is a practical source of light while also adding that extra touch of personality to your home. The lamp consists of five brass sockets that are attached to black-coated adjustable rods. The lamp is a beautiful decoration ‰ÛÒ both turned on and off. Hang it over your dining room table, in the corner of your living room, or use it as an elegant light source in your hallway. Bulbs are not included. Dimension: w.: 68 cm, h.: 78 cm. E27, max 25 Watt, 3m wire.

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Treat your feet with these delicious socks from Meraki. The socks are easy to use, and they are created to give your feet plenty of moisture and care. The socks are particularly suitable for the care of dry feet. Each pack contains 2 pieces. To use the socks:Take a nice hot bath. Massage your feet with a good foot cream. Put the Meraki socks on and keep them on for 30-60 minutes -or until the cream has fully penetrated the skin. Can be used for about 50 times.

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An uplifting scented candle with a refreshing aroma. The candle is made from soya been oil and is thus a 100% natural product. This gives you a clean candle that sets off less soot compared to a regular candle. The candle has a height of 10.5 cm and a burn time of 35 hours. Relax and enjoy the lovely fragrance that fills your home.

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Meraki Clean Dishes is a gentle dish soap with a fresh scent of orange and lemon. 1 pump for 5 l of water. Not suitable for machine dishwashing. Store at room temperature.

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This beautiful asymmetrical lampshade from House Doctor is a decorative solution for your old sources of light. Asymmetric is made of iron and plated with metal. Hang it above your dinner table, in the living room, or even in the office. It is a beautiful ornament in itself. Dimension: 45x45 cm. E27

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All of Nicolas Vahe's vinegars are based on traditional vinegar with a new and exciting twist. Aceto Balsamico di Modena is made from wine vinegar and is therefore ideal for dressings and marinades. We recommend that you enjoy it as an addition to a tomato salad with mozzarella. Once opened: consume within 2 years.

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Display is a nice, elegant table with a rustic appeal. The table has an industrial look because of its galvanised metal counter that gives the product a new and personal twist. Decorate your kitchen with this nice table, or use it to display goods in your shop. You can also use it as a worktable as it has two different levels where you can work. The wonderful table is made from a combination of mango wood, eucalyptus wood, MDF and a galvanised metal plate. This mix gives it its cool, stylish and modern appearance.

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Confit with apricot and ginger from Nicolas Vahe is similar to the traditional jam, but it contains less sugar and more fruits and therefore has an intense flavour. Enjoy this confit on freshly baked bread with cheeses such as Comt̩, Gruyere or hard cheeses in general. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 3 weeks.

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Make your own delicious, homemade ice cream lollies with Nicolas Vahe's ice cream sticks. They are made of birchwood and are for single use only. If you serve homemade lollies to your guests, they will certainly know that you have made them because every stick has the words ‰Û÷100% Homemade' written on them. You can make 100 different lollies with one package.

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Enjoy a sweet and full-flavoured fig jam as a topping on your yoghurt in the morning, or simply spread on toast. This beautiful jam is made from the purest ingredients that secure the very best flavour. Once opened: store in a cool place and consume within 3 weeks.

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Nicolas Vahé has experimented with various different spice mixes, and now, the perfect pork spice mix is finally here. Enjoy the taste of mustard seeds, shallots and tarragon. Use the spice mix with exciting spices on top of meat to enhance flavours, or mix it into a nice, homemade marinade. If you want, you can unscrew the lid from the grinder, and spread the spices on top of vegetables or baked potatoes for a delicious flavour. Shelf life after opening: 16 months.

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It is like eating under the stars. These magnificent napkins with black stars from Nicolas Vahe will look good on any table. The napkins are made from 3-ply paper, and are perfect for birthday celebrations, New Year's eve, and other festive occasions.

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This nice tea strainer from Nicolas Vahé is extremely practical when you need to make a single cup of tea. At the same time, it is also nice to look at. You can also use the strainer to sprinkle icing sugar or cocoa on top of desserts before serving. This strainer is made of stainless steel with a beautiful brass finish, which makes it extremely decorative.

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Pesto with basil and parmesan cheese is a classic in Nicolas Vahe's family of different pesto. It is made from the most delicious ingredients that Provence has to offer. This pesto is ideal to supplement a nice tapas board, but can also be a wonderful addition to pasta dishes as well as a marinade for tomato and mozzarella salads. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 1 week.

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Wonderful and very beautiful white chocolate with raspberries and tea. It is ideal as a hostess gift, but you can also enjoy it yourself for example with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Store closed in a cool and dry place. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping

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Mgpm0160 / mg_aw18_mgpm0160_pi.jpg


Mgsl021 / mg_aw18_mgsl021_pi.jpg


Nvss1021 / nv_aw18_nvss1021_pi.jpg


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Mgad012 / mg_ss19_mgad012_psw.jpg


Mgsl040 / mg_ss19_mgsl040_psh.jpg


Mgal093 / mg_ss19_mgal093_psh.jpg


Mgtf0100 / mg_ss19_mgtf0100_psh.jpg


Mgwl0300 / mg_ss19_mgwl0300_psh.jpg


hc0820 / hd_ss19_hc0820_pi.jpg


Mkpj0101 / mk_ss19_mkpj0101_psh.png


Sl061 / hd_ss19_sl061_df.jpg


Sv1042 / hd_ss19_sv1042_df.jpg


hc0811 / hd_ss19_hc0811_ff.jpg


Nvss1024 / nv_ss19_nvss1024_psh.jpg


Nvzov0102 / nv_ss19_nvzov0102_psw.jpg


Nvzov0111 / nv_ss19_nvzov0111_psh.jpg


Vm0311 / hd_ss19_vm0311_psw.jpg


Wo1800 / hd_ss19_wo1800_psw.jpg


Js0801 / hd_ss19_js0801_psh.png


Vm0320 / hd_ss19_vm0320_psw.png


Pp0211 / hd_ss19_pp0211_df.jpg


Mkan07 / mk_ss19_mkan07_ff.jpg


Nvzov0111 / nv_ss19_nvzov0111_df.jpg


Nvzhf01 / nv_ss19_nvzhf01_pi.jpg


Mgac051 / mg_ss19_mgac051_df.jpg


Bm0091 / hd_ss19_bm0091_df.jpg


Mgzz001 / mg_ss19_mgzz001_ff.jpg


Nvzpk0108 / nv_aw19_nvzpk0108_psw.jpg


Mgfe0193 / mg_aw19_mgfe0193_psh.jpg


Mgsl022 / mg_aw19_mgsl022_psw.jpg


Mgsm091 / mg_aw19_mgsm091_psh.jpg


Mgns0063 / mg_aw19_mgns0063_psw.png


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wg0331 / hd_aw19_wg0331_psh.jpg


mt0640 / hd_aw19_mt0640_psh.png


208580850 / hd_aw19_208580850_psh.jpg


Mkds01 / mk_aw19_mkds01_psw.jpg


Mkwa1004 / mk_aw19_mkwa1004_psh.jpg


203820701 / hd_aw19_203820701_psw.jpg


110690116 / nv_aw19_110690116_psh.png


110690201 / nv_aw19_110690201_psh.jpg


106380001 / nv_aw19_106380001_psh.jpg


3 / mk_aw19_3_ch.jpg


Nvzcm0102 / nv_aw19_nvzcm0102_pi.jpg


Mkds02 / mk_aw19_mkds02_pi_df.jpg


Mkas222 / mk_aw19_mkas222_pi.jpg


id1401 / hd_aw19_id1401_psw.jpg


gl1006 / hd_aw19_gl1006_psw.jpg


pj0026 / hd_aw19_pj0026_df.jpg


rm0111-60x90 / hd_aw19_rm0111-60x90_pi.jpg


we0201 / hd_aw19_we0201_pi.jpg


sp0709 / hd_aw19_sp0709_pi.jpg


nvcp011 / nv_ss19_nvcp011_pi.jpg

A delicious and crispy snack with potato and bacon. The flavour of potato and bacon is a taste out of the ordinary. Enjoy these crispy snacks as a topping on a salad, or together with your favourite pesto for an easy aperitif.

nvdi01 / nv_ss19_nvdi01_pi.jpg

The most delicious gluten-free white nougat filled with almonds from Nicolas Vahé. The nougat comes in one piece and is to be cut into small bite-sized pieces, which can then be served for family and friends. With its mild flavour and fine texture, white nougat is a clear favourite among all. Enjoy the delicious high-quality product together with a good cup of coffee or tea, or simply when you are craving something special.