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Relax and enjoy the aromatic fragrance that fills your home. The luxurious scented candle has a great fragrance with a delicate touch of fig. The candle is made from soya been oil and is thus a 100% natural product. This gives you a clean candle that sets off less soot compared to a regular candle. The candle has a height of 6.7 cm and a burn time of 12 hours.

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The Konjac sponge is made from 100% pure, natural Konjac dietary fibre. With daily usage it will bring back the natural glow and softness of the skin. Key features: Gently exfoliates to bring back the natural glow of the skin. Effectively balances the PH of the skin. Naturally moisturizes the skin. Deep cleansing. Use: Soak the dry sponge with warm water until fully softened. Massage gently in circular motions on the face and neck. Rinse thoroughly after use. Never store the sponge in the shower, as the damp environment will affect its durability. Tip: Use the sponge with clean water or your favourite cleanser.Disinfect the sponge once a week by dipping it in boiling water for a few seconds. Be careful to let it cool off before you drain the water.Replace sponge every 2 - 3 months for the best cleansing experience.

Mksm01 / mk_aw16_mksm01_psh_v2.jpg

A good makeup brush makes a big difference when you shall put on the perfect makeup. With this handy brush set from Meraki, you have all the prerequisites you need. The brush kit consists of 7 quality brushes and is an indispensable tool for people who wants to be able to put on a beautiful makeup. Brushes are protected in a beautiful and practical clutch of suede.For cleansing:Extend the lifetime of your brushes by cleaning them regularly. It removes dirt and debris. Clean your brushes with water and shampoo once a week. When cleaning brushes used for creamy products, you can with benefits smear bristles with almond oil and then shampoo. Finally rinse thoroughly with cold water. Let the brushes dry lying. That way you will prevent the water from the brushes to dissolve the glue and the hair pulling away from the shaft.Powder BrushThe brush is made of soft goat hair and is ideal for powders and mineral foundation.Blush brushThe brush is made of soft goat hair and perfect when you need to put blush on the cheeks.Foundation brushLovely soft brush that is perfect when you need to apply a fluid or creamy foundation. The brush has PBT hair, which is particularly suitable for use with creamy products.Eye shadow brush, mediumFlat eyeshadow brush that ensures easy and simple application of eye shadow. Brush bristles are made of mink / marten hair.Lip brushDelicious lip brush for lib-gloss or lipstick. The brush has a practical cap which protects the bristles after use. The brush is made of mink / marten hair.Eye shadow brush, smallDelicious eyeshadow brush that ensures easy and simple application of eye shadow. Brush bristles are made of mink / marten hair.Eyebrow- and eyelash brushUse the handy eyebrow- and eyelash brush to remove any excess mascara from your lashes or to separate your lashes from each other. The brush can also be used to give the eyebrows a nice finishing touch.

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Nourishing and moisturising face mist with organic Aloe Vera, cucumber and camomile extract. Meraki Face Mist sooths and softens the skin. Close your eyes and spray a fine layer of mist over your face. For the best result, follow with Meraki Serum and your favourite Meraki skin care products. Suitable for all skin types.

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A towel should always be hanged to dry after use. With these great Meraki towel clips you are able to solve the problem in a quick and easy fashion. At the same time, the clips will look great in your bathroom décor. The clips are available in a beautiful, discrete colour. Each bag contains 10 clips.

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Classic comb from Meraki. The comb is particularly suitable for short hair and for backcombing and styling of the hair. For example, you can use the comb to divide the hair into different sections. This beautiful comb is made of light coloured maple wood and fits Meraki's other accessories. A beautiful and practical accessory for your bathroom.

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Keep your skin beautiful and splendid with this nice face brush from Meraki. Use the face brush every day or when needed. The brush has a lovely exfoliating effect, which removes impurities from the skin. How to use the face brush:Use the brush with Merakis Cleansing Gel. Foam up the gel with water and spread the product on the face. Moisten the brush and move it in circular motions on the face to optimize the gel foaming effect and increase blood circulation.

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A luxurious scented candle with a refreshing fragrance of white tea and ginger. The candle is made from soya been oil and is thus a 100% natural product. This gives you a clean candle that sets off less soot compared to a regular candle. The candle has a height of 10.5 cm and a burn time of 35 hours. Relax and enjoy the lovely fragrance that fills your home.

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Delicious and different quality ketchup from Nicolas Vahe with a round and complete flavour of ginger and lemon. It is made from sun ripe tomatoes from Southern France. Enjoy this fantastic ketchup with fish or shellfish, or with pasta or as a part of nice marinades. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 3 months.

nv1002 / nv_aw16_nv1002_ps.jpg

Salt with black olive and rosemary comes in a smart grinder that makes it easy to add a new flavour to your food very quickly. Nicolas Vahe's salt with rosemary and tasty olives is perfect with both pasta dishes and all types of meat. Once opened: consume within 16 months.

nv1040 / nv_aw16_nv1040_ps.jpg

This is the most delicious spice mix with vegetables such as garlic, shallots, black pepper, parsley, onion, red and green pepper made from Nicolas Vahe's very special recipe. Try this fantastic mix with steamed or grilled vegetables for a new and exciting flavour combination. Combine this decorative spice grinder with your favourite salts and spice mixes from Nicolas Vahe.

Nvan1000 / nv_aw16_nvan1000_ps.jpg

Wrap a hostess present nicely and tie a pretty ribbon on the gift. This sleek, black ribbon with Nicolas Vahe's logo printed on it is the finishing touch on all gifts for a true gourmet lover. Surprise a person you love with a beautiful present that screams sophistication and stylishness.

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Sa0900 / hd_e15_sa0900_pi.jpg


nv1018 / nv_aw16_nv1018_psh.png

Enjoy the delicious and delicate white pepper from Nicolas Vahé that has a strong, distinctive flavour and a light aroma. Make the most delicious sauces with white pepper, or use it in soups, potato dishes and salad dressings to add extra flavour. The fine and bright peppercorns come in a beautiful and decorative grinder, so you can display it on your dining table or in your kitchen along with other spices. Shelf life after opening: 16 months.

Nv1090 / nv_aw16_nv1090_ps.png

Nicolas Vahe's white punch extract can be enjoyed both hot and cold, and all year around as well. To recreate the traditional hot Christmas drink, you need to mix the extract with 1-2 bottles of white wine. Heat it slowly in a saucepan. Do not allow it to boil. Add chopped almonds. If you want a drink that is more suited for summer, you can mix the extract with cold champagne.

Nv1095 / nv_aw16_nv1095_ps.png

With this nice coffee syrup from Nicolas Vahe you will be able to make the most delicious coffees, smoothies and milkshakes. Enjoy the rich taste and sweetness from this high-quality syrup with caramel. It is also ideal to eat with ice cream, waffles, yoghurt, hot chocolate and all of the other things that need a sweet touch.

Nv1100 / nv_aw16_nv1100_ps.png

Nicolas Vahe's popular and very special oils are made from 100% extra virgin olive oil with an addition of exciting spices. Enjoy this aromatic olive oil with garlic for a good piece of lamb, grilled meats, or simply to enhance the flavour of your favourite salad.

Nv1108 / nv_aw16_nv1108_ps.png

Enjoy the taste of 100% extra virgin olive oil with a hint of ginger. This delicious oil is perfect for salads, or as a new and exciting spin on a marinade made for fish. Find your favourite oil amongst Nicolas Vahe's great range of special oils.

Nvbv021 / nv_aw16_nvbv021_ps.png

Enjoy the intense and rich taste of chocolate with Nicolas Vahe's irresistible chocolate fondue with 70% chocolate. Heat the chocolate in a warm water bath and enjoy the strong flavour of dark chocolate in combination with small pieces of fresh fruit or Nicolas Vahe's beautiful and airy marshmallows. You can also use it to make a delicious homemade chocolate mousse or for chocolate confectionary. Once opened: store in a cool place and consume within 2 weeks.

nv0300 / nv_aw16_nv0300_ps.jpg

Delicious and fresh jam with mango and passion fruit from Nicolas Vahe. The jam is made from fresh fruits and is ideal as an addition to your baking and cooking. Enjoy this fantastic jam with natural yoghurt, or spread onto toast, or pancakes as a treat. Once opened: store in a cool place and consume within 3 weeks.

nv0329 / nv_aw16_nv0329_ps.jpg

Seductive and extremely addictive jam from Nicolas Vahe. It is made from peppers, raspberries and chilli. This jam is perfect with good cheese, deli meats and the lunch menu in general. Once opened: store in a cool place and consume within 3 weeks.

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nvop00128 / nv_2017_nvop00128_rh.jpg


nvop00018 / nv_2016_nvop00018_rw.jpg


nvop00121 / nv_2017_nvop00121_rh.jpg


nv1047 / nv_aw16_nv1047_pi.jpg

Hot barbecue from Nicolas Vahé is the perfect spice mix for seasoning meat or making the most delicious homemade marinade. The warm and spicy mix adds a tasty and round flavour to any dish, and is especially good when you are barbecuing beef, burgers, chicken, pork or fish. The spice mix comes in a beautiful grinder, and can therefore also be used to season both potatoes and vegetables. Shelf life after opening: 16 months.

Nv1096 / nv_aw15_nv1096_pi.jpg

This coffee syrup with gingerbread leads the thoughts to a warm and cosy atmosphere. Enjoy your favourite coffee syrup from Nicolas Vahe in hot drinks or with desserts. This syrup is the ideal product for giving a nice and different twist to your favourite dishes. You can also use it in smoothies, milkshakes or as a sauce on a nice fruit salad.

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Ne0340 / hd_aw15_ne0340_ps.jpg


Sa0836 / hd_aw15_sa0836_ps.jpg


Ab1411 / hd_aw16_ab1411_psw.jpg


Ab1412 / hd_aw16_ab1412_psw.jpg


Ab1441 / hd_aw16_ab1441_psw.jpg


Ab1450 / hd_aw16_ab1450_psw.jpg


Fe0150 / hd_aw16_fe0150_psw_v3.jpg


Wl0333 / hd_aw16_wl0333_psw.jpg


Ab1681 / hd_e16_ab1681_ps.jpg


Ab1681 / hd_e16_ab1681_psw.jpg


Cl0802 / hd_e16_cl0802_ps.jpg


Cm0312 / hd_e16_cm0312_ps.jpg


Ns0850 / hd_e16_ns0850_ps_v2.jpg


vj0600 / hd_e16_vj0600_ps.jpg


Wa1002 / hd_e16_wa1002_ps.jpg


Wa1005 / hd_e16_wa1005_ps.jpg


Ne0340 / hd_ss16_ne0340_psh.jpg


Fe0502 / hd_ss17_fe0502_psw.jpg


Fe0512 / hd_ss17_fe0512_psh.jpg


Wg0300 / hd_ss17_wg0300_psw.jpg


Ab1062 / hd_aw15_ab1062_ps.png


ab1086 / hd_aw15_ab1086_ps.png


Ab1320 / hd_aw15_ab1320_ps.png


Ak0035 / hd_aw15_ak0035_ps.png

3D Star from House Doctor is a simple decoration made from white metal. The fine metal wires have an elegant look that will add a sophisticated and feminine touch to your d̩cor. It has a 21 cm diameter, it is therefore impressive enough to place on its own, but will also be a beautiful addition to a display on a dresser or a table. Dimension: dia.: 21 cm, h.: 17 cm

Ch0504 / hd_aw15_ch0504_ps.png


Ne0340 / hd_aw15_ne0340_ps.png


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Ab1450 / hd_aw16_ab1450_psw.png


Ls0010 / hd_aw16_ls0010_psh.png


vj0601 / hd_e16_vj0601_ps.png


Wa1005 / hd_e16_wa1005_ps.png


Wa1007 / hd_e16_wa1007_ps.png


Yh0114 / hd_e16_yh0114_ps.png


At4101 / hd_ss17_at4101_psh.png


Br0170 / hd_ss17_br0170_psw.png


Fe0500 / hd_ss17_fe0500_psw.png


Sp1001 / hd_ss17_sp1001_psh_v2.png


Sp1002 / hd_ss17_sp1002_psh.jpg


Ab0321 / hd_aw17_ab0321_psw.jpg


Ab0323 / hd_aw17_ab0323_psw.jpg


Ab0380 / hd_aw17_ab0380_psw_v3.jpg


Ab0320 / hd_aw17_ab0320_psw.png


Ab0323 / hd_aw17_ab0323_psw.png


Sp0790 / hd_aw17_sp0790_psw.png


Sp0791 / hd_aw17_sp0791_psw.png


Vj0210 / hd_aw17_vj0210_psw.png


Ab0323 / hd_aw17_ab0323_psw.jpg


Ab0340 / hd_aw17_ab0340_psw.jpg


Ab0321 / hd_aw17_ab0321_psw.jpg


Ab0321 / hd_aw17_ab0321_psw.jpg


Ab0341 / hd_aw17_ab0341_psw.jpg


Ab1305 / hd_aw17_ab1305_psw.jpg


Sp0791 / hd_aw17_sp0791_psw.jpg


Ab0332 / hd_aw17_ab0332_psw.jpg


Gl0823 / hd_aw17_gl0823_psw.jpg


Gl0823 / hd_aw17_gl0823_psw.png


Sk0130 / hd_aw17_sk0130_psw.png


Sk0140 / hd_aw17_sk0140_psw.png


Hs0880 / hd_aw17_hs0880_psw.jpg


Sk0130 / hd_aw17_sk0130_psw.jpg


Dp0232 / hd_aw16_dp0232_psh.jpg


Nvep100 / nv_aw17_nvep100_psh.jpg


Nvss2001 / nv_aw17_nvss2001_psh.jpg


Nvbv601 / nv_aw17_nvbv601_psw.png

Small ginger pearls covered in an intense and rich dark chocolate with a cocoa content of minimum 73% that makes all of the flavours come together. We recommend that you enjoy these ginger pearls with a good cup of coffee or tea. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping.

Nvep011 / nv_aw17_nvep011_psh.png


Nvep100 / nv_aw17_nvep100_psh.png


Nvfd0552 / nv_aw17_nvfd0552_psw.png

Eye-catching and tasty almond eggs from Nicolas Vahé. These dragee and chocolate covered almonds are perfect with a good cup of coffee or tea. They are especially ideal to have at Easter, or simply just to give to someone you care about. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping

Nvfd0555 / nv_aw17_nvfd0555_psw.png

Small but extremely delicious hazelnut truffles. These are extremely addictive when enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea. You will definitely want another one. They are also ideal to give as a hostess gift, or simply to someone you care about. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping

Nvfd0556 / nv_aw17_nvfd0556_psw.png

Wonderful and delicious cinnamon almonds from Nicolas Vahé. They are both beautiful to look at and also extremely tasty. Your sweet tooth will definitely be satisfied. Under the round and mild flavour of milk chocolate and cinnamon, we have hidden a delicious almond that makes all of the flavours come together. Enjoy these cinnamon almonds with a good cup of coffee or tea. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping

Nvlv0301 / nv_aw17_nvlv0301_psh.png

This product is the perfect companion on a warm and sunny summer's day. Enjoy the refreshing lemonade with blueberry. Serve it cold and watch it become an ideal item on a cosy picnic.

Nvlv0303 / nv_aw17_nvlv0303_psh.png

Enjoy this sweet lemonade with refreshing bubbles from Nicolas Vahe. The complete flavour of rhubarb and raspberry makes you think of a warm summer's day. The lemonade is the perfect companion for a cosy picnic and should be enjoyed cold.

Nvsy01 / nv_aw17_nvsy01_psh.png


Nvzjg002 / nv_aw17_nvzjg002_psh_v3.png


Nvcp50 / nv_ss17_nvcp50_psh.jpg


Nvep030 / nv_aw17_nvep030_psh.jpg


Nvzjg002 / nv_aw17_nvzjg002_psh_v3.jpg


Mgac041 / mg_aw17_mgac041_psw_v3.jpg


Mgel032 / mg_aw17_mgel032_psw.jpg


Mger021 / mg_aw17_mger021_psh.jpg


Mgnj120 / mg_aw17_mgnj120_psw.jpg


Mgsm082 / mg_aw17_mgsm082_psh_v2.jpg


mgac040 / mg_aw17_mgac040_psw.jpg


mgac040 / mg_aw17_mgac040_psw_v2.jpg


mgac040 / mg_aw17_mgac040_psw_v3.jpg


Mgac041 / mg_aw17_mgac041_psw.jpg


Mgac041 / mg_aw17_mgac041_psw_v2.jpg


Mgac041 / mg_aw17_mgac041_psw_v3.jpg


Mgac050 / mg_aw17_mgac050_psw.jpg


Mgac050 / mg_aw17_mgac050_psw_v2.jpg


mgcp050 / mg_aw17_mgcp050_psw.jpg


mgcp051 / mg_aw17_mgcp051_psw.jpg


Mgsp0101 / mg_aw17_mgsp0101_psw.jpg


Mgac050 / mg_aw17_mgac050_psw.png


Mger021 / mg_aw17_mger021_psh.png


Mgms011 / mg_aw17_mgms011_psh_v3.png


Mgsp0101 / mg_aw17_mgsp0101_psw_v2.jpg


Mgun020 / mg_aw17_mgun020_psh.jpg


Ab1020 / hd_aw17_ab1020_ff.jpg


Hs0880 / hd_aw17_hs0880_pi_v3.jpg


Ab0321 / hd_aw17_ab0321_df_v1.jpg


Ab0330 / hd_aw17_ab0330_pi_v1.jpg


Sc0042 / hd_aw17_sc0042_df.jpg


Sk1114 / hd_aw17_sk1114_df.jpg


Sk1116 / hd_aw17_sk1116_df.jpg


Sp0793 / hd_aw17_sp0793_ff.jpg


Vj0211 / hd_aw17_vj0211_pi.jpg


Mger021 / mg_aw17_mger021_df.jpg


Mgac041 / mg_aw17_mgac041_pi.jpg


Mger020 / mg_aw17_mger020_pi.jpg


Mgel022 / mg_aw17_mgel022_df.jpg


Mgcc098 / mg_aw17_mgcc098_pi.jpg


Mger020 / mg_aw17_mger020_df.jpg


Mkcp010 / mk_aw17_mkcp010_pi.jpg


Mkas72 / mk_aw17_mkas72_pi.jpg


Mkgh040 / mk_aw17_mkgh040_pi.jpg


Mkas70 / mk_aw17_mkas70_ff.jpg


Mkas74 / mk_aw17_mkas74_pi_v2.jpg


Mkgh040 / mk_aw17_mkgh040_pi.jpg


00023 / nv_aw17_00023_ch.jpg


xmasatlockers0 / hd_aw17_xmasatlockers0_cw.jpg


nvop00143 / nv_aw17_nvop00143_rw.jpg


nvop00146 / nv_aw17_nvop00146_rh.jpg


nvop00148 / nv_aw17_nvop00148_rh.jpg


pm0270 / hd_ss18_pm0270_psh.jpg


Sl020 / hd_ss18_sl020_psw.jpg


Mgnj082 / mg_ss18_mgnj082_pi.jpg


Mgov011 / mg_ss18_mgov011_pi.jpg


Mgov010 / mg_ss18_mgov010_pi.jpg


Mgov020 / mg_ss18_mgov020_pi.jpg


Mkhc020 / mk_ss18_mkhc020_psh.jpg

The Meraki Pure Oil is 100% organic with a gentle scent of geraniol. It consists of e.g., argan oil, that is famous for its high levels of antioxidants and Omega fatty acids. Argan oil contains up to five times as much Vitamin E as other oils. Use this multi-purpose oil as a hair treatment or body oil, for removing makeup, for shaving (use on wet skin), for dry hair and skin and as thermal protection of your hair before blowdrying. If an extra moisturizing effect is desired, mix in a few drops with your hair shampoo or body lotion. Suitable for all skin types. Store at room temperature.

mkdp01 / mk_ss18_mkdp01_psh.jpg


mkss030 / mk_ss18_mkss030_psh.jpg


mkim021 / mk_ss18_mkim021_psh_v2.jpg


mkim022 / mk_ss18_mkim022_psh_v2.jpg


mkss031 / mk_ss18_mkss031_psh.jpg


Mkzfk02 / mk_ss18_mkzfk02_psw.jpg


mkss030 / mk_ss18_mkss030_psw_v2.png


Mgov011 / mg_ss18_mgov011_psw.png


Mgea0402 / mg_ss18_mgea0402_psw.jpg


Mkgl070 / mk_ss18_mkgl070_psh.jpg


mkss030 / mk_ss18_mkss030_psw.jpg


Mkwa1001 / mk_ss18_mkwa1001_psh.jpg


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Put the cherry on top with these beautiful napkins from Nicolas Vahe.. The pack contains 20 paper napkins with a nice black and white checked pattern. The napkins are made from 3-ply paper, and are designed with a simple look to fit perfectly onto your beautifully set table. Use them everyday, or for special occasions when you have guests visiting. You can also bring them to a nice picnic.

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