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A luxurious scented candle with a refreshing fragrance of white tea and ginger. The candle is made from soya been oil and is thus a 100% natural product. This gives you a clean candle that sets off less soot compared to a regular candle. The candle has a height of 10.5 cm and a burn time of 35 hours. Relax and enjoy the lovely fragrance that fills your home.

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A luxurious scented candle with a refreshing fragrance of white tea and ginger. The candle is made from soya been oil and is thus a 100% natural product. This gives you a clean candle that sets off less soot compared to a regular candle. The candle has a height of 6.7 cm and a burn time of 12 hours. Relax and enjoy the lovely fragrance that fills your home..

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Mkhs77 / mk_aw16_mkhs77_psh.jpg

Cotton pads are useful for many things. Use them when you need to remove makeup or nail polish. The soft material ensures that you do not irritate the skin. The fine and soft cotton pads from Meraki comes in a nice and decorative fabric bag that you can reuse. Keep the pads with your other skin care products or take them with you when you are on the go.

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Relax and enjoy the aromatic fragrance that fills your home. The luxurious scented candle has a great fragrance with a delicate touch of fig. The candle is made from soya been oil and is thus a 100% natural product. This gives you a clean candle that sets off less soot compared to a regular candle. The candle has a height of 6.7 cm and a burn time of 12 hours.

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Mksm10 / mk_aw16_mksm10_df_v1.jpg

Nice unisex barbering set from Meraki. The set includes a delicious razor that gives you a comfortable, close shave. The razor has also a comfortable grip that fits comfortably in the hand. The kit comes with three removable shaving heads.

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Beautifully sweet yet spicy chutney with red peppers and chilli. It is ideal for dishes with fish, pork and poultry. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 1 week.

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nv0314 / nv_aw16_nv0314_ps.jpg

Enjoy a sweet and full-flavoured fig jam as a topping on your yoghurt in the morning, or simply spread on toast. This beautiful jam is made from the purest ingredients that secure the very best flavour. Once opened: store in a cool place and consume within 3 weeks.

nv1035 / nv_aw16_nv1035_ps.jpg

This is addictive quality ketchup from Nicolas Vahe with soy and sesame seeds. The ketchup is made from the finest sun ripe tomatoes from Southern France that ensures you a great taste. Enjoy this exciting ketchup with fish or shellfish. It is also ideal for sushi, or as part of a homemade marinade. Once opened: store in a cool place. Consume within 3 months.

Nvap20 / nv_aw16_nvap20_ps.jpg

Enjoy yet another one of Nicolas Vahe's wonderful French delicacies. Try a real nonnette ‰ÛÒ a French honey cake ‰ÛÒ that comes with the most stunning orange marmalade filling. We recommend that you enjoy these delicate cakes with a good cup of coffee or tea.

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nv1005 / nv_aw15_nv1005_pi.jpg

Enjoy the classic pepper mix from Nicolas Vahe with five different types of pepper: white, red, green, pink and black pepper corns. This pepper mix is an essential item in any home, especially when combined with Nicolas Vahe's popular French sea salt. This pepper mix comes in a practical grinder that makes it easy for you to add a bit of flavour quickly. Once opened: consume within 16 months.

nv1018 / nv_aw16_nv1018_pi.jpg

Enjoy the delicious and delicate white pepper from Nicolas Vahé that has a strong, distinctive flavour and a light aroma. Make the most delicious sauces with white pepper, or use it in soups, potato dishes and salad dressings to add extra flavour. The fine and bright peppercorns come in a beautiful and decorative grinder, so you can display it on your dining table or in your kitchen along with other spices. Shelf life after opening: 16 months.

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Nvzms020 / nv_aw17_nvzms020_psh_v2.png


Nvzjg001 / nv_aw17_nvzjg001_psh_v3.jpg


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Nvss2001 / nv_aw17_nvss2001_psh.jpg


Nvss2005 / nv_aw17_nvss2005_psh.jpg


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mgnj150 / mg_aw17_mgnj150_psh_v2.jpg


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mgun020 / mg_aw17_mgun020_psh.jpg


mgun020 / mg_aw17_mgun020_psh_v2.jpg


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Sp0794 / hd_aw17_sp0794_ff.jpg


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