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Meraki Body Mist is a delicate and fast-drying body mist that leaves a refreshing scent of grapefruit reminiscent of golden rays of summer. Meraki Body Mist awakens your senses. At the same time, Meraki Body Mist has a lovely and refreshing effect. A perfect scent on a warm summer's day. Spray the Meraki Body Mist directly onto bare skin. The mist has a refreshing and seductive note of grapefruit. Irresistible aromatherapy for body and soul.

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This delicious and traditional blend of herbs de Provence, onion, garlic and sweet chilli is a perfect spice for all types of meat. Combine this decorative spice grinder with your favourite salts and spice mixes from Nicolas Vahe.

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Nicolas Vahe's popular and very special oils are made from 100% extra virgin olive oil with an addition of exciting spices. Enjoy this aromatic olive oil with garlic for a good piece of lamb, grilled meats, or simply to enhance the flavour of your favourite salad.

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Stunning French delicacy made from the most delicious milk chocolate and creamy cocoa butter and is topped with a rich flavour of hazelnuts. This spread with milk chocolate and hazelnuts is perfect to eat with pancakes and ice cream. You can also have it on a piece of toast if you want something delicious for breakfast. Once opened: store in a dry place in a closed container. Consume within 3 months. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping.

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Summer on a bottle. Enjoy the sweetness of the elderflower and a citrusy hint of lemon in Nicolas Vahe's refreshing lemonade. The sweet flavour and the refreshing bubbles come together and make a perfect companion on a hot summer's day or on a nice picnic. We recommend that you enjoy this lemonade ice-cold.

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