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A towel should always be hanged to dry after use. With these great Meraki towel clips you are able to solve the problem in a quick and easy fashion. At the same time, the clips will look great in your bathroom décor. The clips are available in a beautiful, discrete colour. Each bag contains 10 clips.

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Gentle and effective shampoo for damaged hair. Distribute 1-2 pumps of shampoo in damp hair from root to tip. Rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Store at room temperature. We recommend subsequent use of Meraki Hair Conditioner.

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Exfoliate once or twice a week to achieve a softer and healthier skin. Exfoliating stimulates blood flow, removes dead skin cells, helps detox your skin and aids your skin in absorbing moisture. In summer or when using spray tan exfoliating is even more important because it helps you obtain an even tan. Apply a small amount of Guérande sea salt and Pure Oil to damp skin and massage gently in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. Suitable for all skin types. Store at room temperature. Warning: Not for facial use. Finish off by applying Meraki Body Lotion to keep your skin moisturized.

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Enjoy the addictive taste of the very best dark chocolate from Nicolas Vahé. These delicious chocolate truffles are an irresistible addition to any coffee or tea break. As this product is heat sensitive it can at times unfortunately be barred for shipping

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Enjoy a cold summer drink made on Nicolas Vahe's red punch extract. Mix it with good cold champagne for a new and exciting drink. If you are going for the more traditional Christmas version, you should mix the extract with 1-2 bottles of red wine in a saucepan and heat it slowly. Do not allow it to boil. Finish off by adding chopped almonds and raisins to create an irresistible hot drink.

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